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Present Not Perfect

Jan 28, 2020

Andy Seth is one of those guys that just has this energy about him. It was apparent from his online presence and when I sat down with him for this interview, I saw it in action. He is an entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author, and music producer dedicated to helping people realize their full potential. He is the founder of nine successful businesses. 

In this interview, we talk about his new book, Bling, which is a parable about a rapper on a spiritual journey. It’s such a great book because it makes the whole world of spirituality, consciousness, and meditation, accessible to a diverse audience. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Andy’s latest venture, a social enterprise, called Flow. It was named top 10% of all B Corps worldwide because of its’ unique training program/apprenticeship for low-income youth.
  • Andy’s childhood growing up in a Los Angeles motel until the age of 14 and how that affected him
  • Why you don’t have to choose between “robes or forbes” - It’s possible to live a spiritual life, have inner peace AND be ambitious at the same time and go after your big dreams and goals. 
  • Why you’ve probably been failing at meditation and how you can improve 
  • Why the ability to concentrate will largely determine your success or failure
  • Practical advice on starting your own thing: your side hustle, your business, your big idea and whether or not it’s the right time
  • The ego and how we can detach from it
  • And much more!

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