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Present Not Perfect

Feb 11, 2020

#22: In this one, I sit down with Julie Pero. She's an amazing mama and blogger in Denver, CO. 

This episode is mainly for parents or parents to be! Julie Pero is a mom and the writer of the personal blog, Mommy’s Magic. I met her at a coworking event and loved what she had to say about intuitive parenting and she gave me some advice for a friend who was struggling with being a new mom and not having a strong support system.

She started Mommy’s Magic as a reaction to her own journey through motherhood; seeking answers to the unknown and learning how to trust her instincts above all other logic. Without family readily nearby to help, she’s had to find her own way, make mistakes, and learn to trust her gut feelings & intuition. 

Julie is creating a community of mothers to share stories, wins & losses & lessons learned. I think you’ll enjoy Julie’s wisdom around trusting your gut and taking everyone’s advice with a grain of salt. 

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