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Present Not Perfect

Mar 10, 2020

#23: Skincare! Possibly my favorite topic to discuss. In this episode, I sit down with Jessibella Coffin of Modern Skin Therapy (located in Aurora, CO). She recently opened up shop and she came on the podcast to talk about her journey getting to be a licensed esthetician and business owner.  Her passion for skincare and helping her clients on their journey to healthy skin really shines through as she speaks. 

To connect with Jessibella, click HERE

To connect with Leyla (show host), click HERE

Some of the topics in Ep. 23 include: 

- Which treatments should NOT be done at home

- Skin is an investment - not a one-time treatment

- Top mistakes you see people making

- Top 3 skincare tips - someone can apply today

- Tips for someone who’s thinking about becoming an esthetician 

- Sunblock & Why You Need it + stay away from chemical sunscreens

- Barrier function 

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