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Present Not Perfect

Nov 19, 2019

#12: On this episode, I sit down with Soshy Adelstein (on Instagram, she's @SoshyAdelstein). Soshy is a coach and owner of Embody Nutrition

She teaches people all over the world how to let go of old beliefs around dieting, eating, exercise, and weight. She practices through the lens of Intuitive Eating, and uses the health at every size approach in her coaching. Soshy is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Some of the topics we chat about include:

*What Intuitive Eating really means

*Soshy's personal story of years of dieting and what led to it

*Body Image & Body Acceptance


*Soshy's Monthly Intuitive Eating Picnics

We also talk about mom life, feeding little ones, and self care, just to name a few! 

To connect with Soshy Adelstein on Instagram, click HERE

To connect with me, Leyla Sarper, click HERE

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