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Present Not Perfect

Nov 26, 2019

#13: Imagine getting paid to eat at the best restaurants in town…well, that’s what our next guest does as part of his career now. Larry Herz, of OCN EATS first entered the Denver restaurant scene in 1994 with Carmine's on Penn and has since owned five restaurants, with 730South being his most recent.

Larry’s story is the perfect example of leaving something behind that isn’t serving you anymore and pivoting. You can still be actively involved in something that you love but it might not be in the same way that you once saw things panning out. Today, you can re-invent yourself at any age as long as you’re creating good content and your intentions are in the right place.

We talk about taking risks, being an entrepreneur, what he had to sacrifice in his personal life, some of Denver’s best restaurants, and why you need to learn how to use social media and technology no matter where you are in life if you want to succeed in business.

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