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Life with Leyla

Jan 21, 2020

#19: Leyla sits down with Stephanie Sikora, best selling author, life coach, systems specialist, and professional organizer. Stephanie offers home organization services throughout the U.S., virtual coaching, and on-line resources for busy individuals and households. 

This episode is for you if you’ve been feeling defeated, unmotivated, and in a constant state of chaos due to how cluttered and unorganized your space is. Stephanie really breaks down how our brain works on clutter- and spoiler alert, it’s not pretty! 

I want you to be more present in your home and life. Constant clutter makes me feel frazzled, hopeless, unmotivated...the list goes on… but it never really occurred to me that my clutter and disorganization could be one of the underlying causes of why I’m not doing the things I want to be doing in life. This episode offers some insights into how this is affecting our brain, and how we can make significant improvements in our day to day lives. 

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Links & Resources: 

How to Deal With Kids Art & Papers: 




Some of the things we cover in this episode include: 

Your Brain On Clutter 

Clutter-free gifts  - how to ask/control the influx of stuff coming in (esp from family/grandparents) 

How often should we purge toys? 

How to deal with your partner when it comes to getting organized: 

Experiences over stuff

The mental health implications over time from living in clutter, disorder, mess

The physical health effects of clutter, disorder, mess