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Present Not Perfect

Apr 21, 2020

#27: In this episode, I chat with Liz Carlile, founder of the Motherhood Unstressed Podcast and CBD line. You're going to get a lot of value from this one. We talk all things self-care, how to stay sane during this quarantine, debunking some common CBD myths, and more! One other topic I always look to Liz on is how to let go of stress & guilt when we as parents take time for ourselves. 

Liz Carlile is the host of the Top 50 podcast Motherhood Unstressed, a public speaker, entrepreneur, and mom of 2 boys. Through her podcast and her line of CBD supplements, she helps individuals create a more beautiful life for themselves and their families. 

To connect with Liz, click HERE

To connect with Leyla, click HERE

I found the most beautiful message from Liz on her Motherhood Unstressed website, which just embodies why I started my own podcast, Present Not Perfect so well: “The greatest gift we can give ourselves and our families is to be more fully present. When we can get out of our heads and into our hearts, life changes in innumerable ways.”

This episode was so fun for me because I look up to Liz in many ways. She is a constant source of support and positivity for me. I love her guided meditations, the unique content and guests she brings on her podcast, Motherhood Unstressed, and how she shows up on Instagram. She inspires me to not feel guilty about doing the things that make me feel good and help me show up as the best version of myself for my daughter and my family. I’m so excited for you to be introduced to her. 

Here are the show notes from this episode & Liz’s recommendations:

Find Liz at  

Find her podcast at 

Liz recommendations:

Morning pages (morning free journaling)

Books & Authors: Miguel Ruiz, the 4th & 5th agreements & Gabby Bernstein

Radiation Nation & Defend your shield 

Joov red light therapy 


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Love you, talk soon!