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Present Not Perfect

May 12, 2020

#28: Our guest is Julie Barzman, she’s my friend on Instagram and we’ve been following each for a while now. I love how she’s spreading positivity into the world by sharing her journey as a mom. The ups and downs, she doesn’t hold back. We talk about her blog and website, that’s aimed at creating a community and resource for parents in a nonjudgmental way. She covers topics like sleep training, travel with kids, postpartum depression, and beyond. And we also talk about life during quarantine and how we just need to be kind to our selves during this difficult period we’re all experiencing. 

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Show Notes & Recommendations from Julie Barzman:

  • The Parent Shift book 
  • Gentle Parenting - staying calm, reparenting yourself
  • Post Partum Depletion
  • Vitamin D
  • Lymphatic Drainage for face
  • Lymphatic drainage for body using wooden tool by De La Heart 
  • Honest Co. - cleaning products
  • Seventh Generation - cleaning products

Time Stamps: 

1) Intro & Deep Dive 

2) 36:00 Wellness & Beauty Recommendations

3) 42:00 on Being Present

If this is your first time listening, thank you so much for being here. If you’re returning, thank you as well.  I love you for lending me your ears and precious time. I’m your host, Leyla Sarper. I’m a toddler mom in Denver, CO. I started this podcast to inspire others to go after the life they truly want and to not feel guilty about taking care of ourselves, and doing things that make us feel good!  

Present not perfect is a show about self-care, going after our dreams, taking risks, and appreciating the present moment - and the different ways we can get to that point. It’s not about being perfect, there’s never a perfect moment or condition that needs to be met in order to start. We only have now, the present, and that’s so powerful. 

Talk soon, Love you! <3 Ley

PS - If you're listening, let me know on Instagram! I LOVE hearing from listeners. It makes my day.