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Present Not Perfect

May 28, 2020

#30: There is something in this episode for everyone, but especially so if you’re a founder, entrepreneur, parent, or business owner. I hope you enjoy it! 

Kristin Darga is the Founder of Impact Founder™, a keynote speaker, award-winning author, performance, and executive coach. She has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, many teams in companies, and as a four-time founder, she understands the highly satisfying yet distressing road of entrepreneurship. After there were two suicides of startup founders and the sudden death of a third, Kristin Darga created Impact Founder to do whatever she could to help alleviate the feelings of inadequacy, isolation, stress, depression, and suicide among founders by sharing real stories of real entrepreneurs’ struggles and successes. 

In this episode, we talk about pivoting your business and life during the pandemic and what that can look like, how Kristin has dealt with the many changes & setbacks that happened as a result of our current situation, how life has never been certain, like ever. Today, we are hearing over and over again how we’re living in “uncertain times.” Among the gems you’re about to hear, one of them is about not missing the hustle and how things used to be. I will say amen to that! 

Things We Mentioned In the Episode & Kristin Darga’s Links: