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Present Not Perfect

Dec 3, 2019

#14: In this episode, I sit down with Angie Gallagher. Today, Angie is the Director of Business Development with BurstIQ, a blockchain-based health tech company. She made a massive mind shift and lifestyle change when she left her career as a photographer and decided to try new things.

The main topic of this episode, however, is how she decided to go for it and find love on internet dating apps, in this case, Bumble, after being a single mom for 8 years. Angie has some great tips if you are thinking about joining one too but might have some reservations or questions. If you like this episode or get some value from it, please share with a friend, who needs to hear this message too. Leaving a rating takes less than 1 minute, and would be super appreciated. Again, thank you for time, and for choosing to spend it with me.

By listening to this episode, you will receive unique advice on the dating scene and the app bumble, tips on manifestation, how to stop living in the space of “hoping,” and how to stay present by shedding preconceived notions about career & identity. Angie really shared from a vulnerable place in her heart about her journey to where she is today. I hope you enjoy!

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