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Present Not Perfect

Apr 15, 2020

#26: In this episode, I talk to Alysha Badiani all about her new book, her experience and her outlook on living in quarantine through the COVID-19 pandemic in London, England, and what led her to leave her stable 9 to 5 job to pursue what she was really interested in.

BeYoutiful You by Alysha Badiani is an eye-opening book, with a unique and simple way to help you grow your confidence and self-esteem to allow you to live your best life. Alysha’s approach is different than anyone else’s as she touches on the importance of recognizing your own beauty, internally and externally. Alysha helps you by taking you through her own journey. She explains how she made these changes, and how you can too. 

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This podcast is edited by Shaun Chapman Audio in Denver, CO

What To Expect From This Episode: 

- Coping through what’s going on with being quarantined and so much uncertainty

- How to stay positive during quarantine and a global pandemic

- Advice for someone who knows they are not doing what they’re meant to be doing

- The underlying reason most people won’t make a change or even start their side hustle, blog, podcast, or passion project? 

- Daily or weekly routines that help you stay on track with goals, self-care, and mindfulness

- Getting rid of negative thoughts - continuing to think positive, even in an argument 

- Removing sources of negativity / Being aware of what kind of energy is around

- Self-actualization - your own hierarchy vs Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs 

- How Alysha defines self-love. How we can have a healthier relationship with ourselves 

- Mindset / the quality of your thoughts / speaking positively to yourself and others

- Unconscious mind vs conscious mind

- Sleep, movement, nutrition, self-care - Alysha's must have skin products

- Drifting apart from your friends-auditing your circle